environmentally friendly recycling built with only one specialty

Material is the only company in Japan that specializes in aluminum wheel recycling. Our job is to collect scraps of aluminum wheels that are no longer needed from all over the country, find new utility value, and make use of them again.

A material aluminum wheel recycling initiative that began in 1993. Since then, we have been striving to build our own circulating wheel recycling system by making use of the know-how we have cultivated. We have received great trust in quality from our customers.

BUSINESS GUIDEBusiness guide

Sound material-cycle wheel recycling system
that connects resources to the future

Aiming for quality that is pleasing with flexible response

Material activity begins with collecting the generated aluminum wheel scrap.
The collected scrap is promptly sorted, and the usable ones are sold as reused products.
Others will be recycled as raw materials for new products.
We are building a recycling wheel recycling system
with the aim of controlling waste generation and making effective use of limited resources.
Please contact us for collection in small quantities.
Please feel free to contact us regarding raw material procurement.

株式会社 マテリアル 業務案内
Foreign matter removal /
component selection
Remove deposits such as iron and plastic on the collected aluminum wheels. After that, component selection is performed based on the accumulated data.
Shot processing (*1)
We have introduced a shot blasting machine that enhances the added value of the product. Cleans dirt and paint on the surface of aluminum wheels.
Crushing process (*2)
We have also introduced special equipment for crushing aluminum wheels.
We can handle both crushed delivery and prototype delivery.
Package package
There are various packaging requests depending on the customer, such as iron boxes, flexible container bags, and flat stacking on pallets . We will respond flexibly.
The company and the contracted driver will take responsibility for delivering it to the customer. We will endeavor to contribute to our customers with environmentally friendly quality-first recycled resources.

*1 and *2 processes may not be performed depending on the customer's request.

Recycling networkNETWORK

Covers the whole country and imports from overseas

In addition to the head office and factory in Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture, we have sales offices in Tohoku and Kanto. Furthermore, we are expanding the collection route nationwide in cooperation with partner companies.

As for materials, we collect 50 % of aluminum wheel scrap generated nationwide, and we are proud of the top in Japan in terms of handling volume. We also import aluminum wheel scrap from overseas.

Headquarters / Headquarters factory
[Tokai area charge] Headquarters
Sales office
[Tohoku area charge] Tohoku sales office
[Kanto area charge] Kanto sales office
Cooperating company
[Kansai area charge] Maruyama Metal
[Kyushu area charge] Nissho Aluminum Co., Ltd.


company name
Material co.,ltd.
Shigehito Kunihara
April 1, 1993
90 million yen
Business content
  1. Processing and sales of non-ferrous scrap
  2. Buying and selling of non-ferrous metal bullions and non-ferrous metal materials
  3. Sale of automobile parts and scrap

Second hand goods business law license number

Public Safety
Commission name
Shizuoka Prefecture
Public Safety Commission
Permission number
No. 491270002171 (Automobile dealer)
No. 491299000058 (Scrap metal dealer)
株式会社 マテリアル 本社外観


Headquarters / Headquarters factory
Aza-Shukuminami Shirasuka, Kosai-city Shizuoka-Pref, 431-0451 JAPAN

TEL : 053-573-1141 FAX : 053-579-3856

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Kanto Sales Office
758 Hongo, Sugito-machi, Kitakatsushika-gun, Saitama Prefecture, 345-0023

TEL : 0480-37-0888 FAX : 0480-37-1345

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Tohoku Sales Office
18 Aza-Yamashitanishi, Kanomata, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, 986-1111

TEL : 0225-86-5040 FAX : 0225-86-5032

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GROUP LISTList of Kawashima Group companies

Materials is a member of the Kawashima Group, which is engaged in the recycling business centered on non-ferrous metals.


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